From STREGO to Baker Tilly STREGO: the storyline

For more than 50 years, Baker Tilly STREGO (formally STREGO) has shared a common goal with companies: support their development and advise their managers.

Why is STREGO becoming Baker Tilly STREGO?

In 2017 STREGO decided to join Baker Tilly International which is a global network of independent consulting and audit firms, accountants and financial experts.
More and more of our customers are expanding internationally and we must to be able to assist them. To do this, we have chosen to rely on a strategically located global network with skilled contacts.
From the very first meeting between Baker Tilly International and STREGO, our common potential was set and was followed as a matter of course. We bring them our expertise, our commitment, and our openness to the French market. Furthermore, we remain independent.

Common values

We share common values and we look at the world and the future in the same way. Our customers are our priority, we continue to support them in their development projects. We, as we have always done, focus on any possible new openings into the international market. Our ambition remains unchanged: we guarantee you a level of excellence that meets your objectives thanks to comprehensive consulting services in accounting, social, tax, management, and auditing.
Each member country adopts the network brand while remaining independent, thus contributing to the strength of the network internationally.

Our human resources policy

Baker Tilly STREGO's main strength lies in its team of employees and so our human resources policy aims to increase the value of their experience, skills and personalities.
Whether they are experienced or just starting out, we help every employee to grow by enabling them to take initiative and build close relationships with our clients. We encourage co-building and exchanging ideas, and sharing best practices is important to us.
We keep up with industry changes so we can help our employees to adapt: evolution, training, promotions, career changes. With Baker Tilly STREGO, more than one career path is possible!

Find your consellor

All over the country and overseas, Baker Tilly STREGO is close to you. Some agencies can assure you an international council. Please contact us by any means to receive a special treatment, depending on your business, your goals and challenges, whether human, economic or both!

Baker Tilly STREGO, a LUCIE-certified company

Our corporate social responsibility policy is based on goals we all have: helping everyone grow, respecting differences, a sense of community, solidarity and integrity.
Baker Tilly STREGO affirms its commitment through LUCIE, France's first CSR label compliant with the ISO 26000 standard. STREGO works to carry out operations that promote a social and solidarity-based economy.
STREGO integrates social, environmental and ethical concerns by setting up progress plans for responsible purchasing, environmental policy, client relationships and well-being at work.

The Foundation

In September 2013, Baker Tilly STREGO, STREGO at that time, and law firm Oratio joined forces to create the STREGO Foundation. The Foundation is committed to working with associations to help children and vulnerable young people from disadvantaged social backgrounds and create equal opportunities for all.
Because we believe that we can build our future anywhere: at school or when playing sports, through access to culture and also thanks to the little everyday things; we work across the educational, professional, social, cultural and sports sectors.