Foreign Desk

Assist foreign investors in France

France is the world’s fifth largest economy and the second largest consumer market in Europe. It is a large, open and diversified market, which can attract foreign companies marketing products and services across all sectors. France is one of the countries that encourage foreign direct investments in order to constantly enhance its economy.

  • Assistance and advice on setting up a business, including choice of the lost appropriate legal structure, and liaison with other professional advisors.
  • Provision of payroll services including registration with social security organisations.
  • Bookkeeping and accounting for entities of all sizes
  • Annual statutory financial reporting and fiscal compliance
  • Restatement of French account in compliance with IFRS, US or UK GAAP.

Our Foreign Desk will coordinate the delivery of essential services

Due to its structure, size or the nature of its operations, your company requires an accountant to certify your financial statements. By guaranteeing regular financial information including annual accounts through legal audits, the STREGO stamp reassures your partners and boosts the quality of your business image and reputation.

  • Account mappings, Bookkeeping, Tax declarations, Tax formalities, Financial Reporting;
  • Business plans, Budgets, Dashboarding, Benchmarking;
  • Domiciliation, legal representation, Banking advice, Administrative support;
  • Tax planning, Rulings, VAT registration, Tax audits, Transfer pricing, Tax credits;
  • Recruitment, Payroll, Contracts, Social security formalities, Life & medical insurance.