Insurance Consultancy

Our team of specialists analyzes your insurance portfolio, identify any potential insurance cover gaps, and find adequate solutions so you can develop your business with peace of mind.

Insurance contract audits and strategy

Do you have questions about your insurance cover or the budget you want to allocate for it? Thanks to an in-depth analysis of your company, business needs and contracts, our team of experts identifies any potential shortfalls in your coverage or any overlapping cover in your various contracts. We assist you by providing appropriate insurance advice.

Insurance consultancy

Our insurance contract audit and strategy involves a comprehensive study (cover/budget) of the contracts you have already entered into for your business: liabilities and damages, social security, and balance sheet protection. To provide you with the most relevant insurance advice, we also analyse the characteristics of your contract (cover, exclusions, amount of compensation, premiums payable, etc.) and prevention plan.

  • Insurance audit (contracts underwritten and recommendations)
  • Budget optimization
  • Choosing and negotiating with service providers