Financial Guidance

Managing solvency and risks as well as financial communication have become major challenges. Producing and standardizing financial information, as well as increasing its reliability, is also an area in which we can guide you in terms of accounting and financial processes.


Currently, we are subjected to constantly evolving regulations, meaning businesses must produce standardized and detailed consolidated accounts in increasingly short periods of time. Consolidating the financial statements of the companies you control allows you to have a global overview of your financial situation and your group's economic profitability.

  • Consolidation tool
  • French and IFRS standards
  • Accountant relationship management

Cash management

Your treasurer must position themselves as a recognized expert and thus be a positive force within your organization. We help treasurers overcome investment and business financing issues, which represent a major challenge and can be a source of tension in terms of cash management.

Implementation of information systems

Information and communication systems are key factors of your success as you steer your company’s strategy, development and evolution. We help you to design good systems that will improve your performance.

  • Assessment and deployment of decision-making
  • Securing IT systems
  • Implementing internal control procedures
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