Financial Consultancy

Financing is a major challenge for CEOs. Thanks to our network of experts, we provide assistance throughout complex processes and banking negotiations. This means that you can stay focused on your projects and continue running your company with peace of mind.


To help you obtain funding in the best conditions, we support you throughout the entire process and explore all types of funding with you. Our experts assist you every step of the way, from setting up a business plan to selecting your banking partner, and help you obtain the best financing conditions.

  • Analyzing your project
  • Operational phase for research
  • Negotiations and loan signature

Innovation support and funding

As an innovative business, you may be eligible for assistance in funding your R&D operations (for example, Research Tax Credit, as well as national grants or regional funds). Financing innovation deserves an expert eye so you can benefit from the best funding advice. Our teams identify the various options at your disposal, prepare your applications, and optimize and secure your ability to obtain funding.

  • Analysis of your eligibility for financing mechanisms
  • Government operations and deliverables
  • Calculation and monitoring of Research Tax Credits
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