Certification procedures allow us to guarantee the reliability of your financial information. Our accountant and auditor teams provide their independent expertise via our advisory audit to create a sense of trust - an essential part of economic and social relationships nowadays.

Legal auditing

Due to its structure, size or the nature of its operations, your company requires an accountant to certify your financial statements. By guaranteeing regular financial information including annual accounts through legal audits, the STREGO stamp reassures your partners and boosts the quality of your business image and reputation.

  • Trust inspired by audited accounts
  • Improved internal control procedures
  • Problem prevention

Contract auditing

Contract auditing involves investigation, evaluation, certification and assistance at your request in a specific and defined context. For example, our auditors assist you throughout the process of buying or selling a company so that you can have objective and impartial advice on its value. Thanks to this advisory audit, you can make informed decisions.

  • Arbitration
  • Recommendation
  • Informed decision-making
They trust us